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PhonePathsala (School Mobile Application)

The world is in this era of smart development with advanced technology, “Learning in the Internet age means we must learn tomorrow’s skills today”.

Still, in the era of the internet, some of us used to manage every information and communication with clients and customers in a piece of paper which used to require a lot of time, money, and manpower to maintain them. But now we are in the 21st century and everything is possible on fingers with few seconds.

We help in your business to upgrade technology for effective and advanced service delivery. By making it possible to manage your business with one touch we save your time and the cost that comes with it.

Our PhonePathsala team’s mission is to reach every corner of the country and helps to deliver the best quality education related technology systems for the local environment without worrying about the management of infrastructure and complexity in technology learning.

         “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Bp Tech Solutions-Building the future truly wants to make our education system more powerful. Our only goal is to provide all possible technology to the current school system. With our online school application solution “Phonepathsala” we are one step ahead for this betterment.

Features of  PhonePathsala application

“We give you the entire right reasons of Single app for all user-types: Management, Teachers, and Student & Parents”

  • We have advanced and user-friendly Software, easy navigation for managing various school activities.
  • We are capable of managing various information of students and teachers through which, Management can manage all the activities of the school.
  • We provide parents the easiest mode of communication to keep updated with school circular and notice.
  • A platform to Informs timely about school days or events called off or canceled due to rain or other conditions.
  • We have an attendance portal to update the children’s attendance in school.
  • We provide an easy platform for offering feedback to the Teachers, Principal, School admin, and Parents.
  • A student has easy access to the Timetable, Exam date sheet, and classroom schedule or any Notice.
  • The Teacher can provide homework, assignments, worksheets and Class videos to the students.
  • Teachers and students can work on various extra-curricular activities together.
  • Students can easily get online notifications and they can check their academic status anytime.
  • Our system keeps the students, teachers, and management in touch with the entire school network.
  • School Gallery is one place to post all the memorable moments of various events held in the school. We give an easy platform to show Photos, Events videos, and Promotional pages for parents and students.


Quick View:

PhonePathsala provides “Smart Learning’s With Smart Phone”. It gives you the entire right reasons for the Single app for all user-types: Management, Teachers, and Student & Parents. We make your Home your School. PhonePathsala is an easy platform for teachers to connect with your Classroom and Students

“Student and Staff Information”

  • Profile view of student 
  • Teachers information

            “Student Attendance”

  • Absent
  • Present
  • Holidays list
  • Applied leaves

      “School Circular”

  • Exam date sheet
  • Holidays
  • PTM
  • Fee notification

“Virtual Classroom”

  • Teacher’s Homework
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Class videos/Notes

“Collaboration and Easy Connectivity”

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Parents
  • Management


  • Easy Communication for Parents, Teachers, Management, and Students.
  • One to One
  • One to All

“School Overview”

  • Glance of school.

“Follow us”

  • School web links/Face book page


  • School Gallery for Events and Newsfeed.
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Play Video


  • Does it require a differently skilled People?

No, normal Persons are fine; we will provide software friendly training to your staff.

  • Does the app store user’s personal information?

The application does not track any user information.

  • I run several companies with the same name in different Locations; Do I need a different app for each location?

No, One app is sufficient for all Locations with the same name.

  • Will you help me to launch the app?

Yes, we will help you to publish the app.

  • What, if I want any modifications and updates in our app after launch?

Yes, we will give our development and IT support.



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