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 “Intelligence is the ability to adapt the technology change”  Think about the future & update your working system with technology surely you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.   We need to upgrade our technology to a better system. So we BP Tech Solutions help to upgrade your system with advanced and easy solutions.  We enhance the power to the technology and working system which ultimately leads to growing your business exponentially. Our Services include “Website Development and Maintenance, Managing and Creating Android Applications, Building Mechanical Design Projects, Technical & Blog Writing, and many more”.

School Android Application:-

Developing android Mobile applications for “Lawrence Academy”


Lawrence Academy’s own school mobile application from BP Tech Solutions-Building the future named “Phone Pathsala” is now available on Google Playstore as Lawrence Academy Application.

This application is an innovation for all our students and staff of the school. In this Covid-19 situation, education has changed dramatically, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. But in the 21st century, everything is possible technology education of your child can be monitored within a few seconds. With our online school application solution “Phone Pathsala” we are one step ahead in school-related education technology. This app provides virtual platforms to conduct online classes easily.

Website Development:-

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Lawrence Academy


Blogs & Content Writing:-

We are capable for provide blogging services to our clients. Blog & Technical writing is also one of our in-house services. Brilliant team of writers writes for any topic, we are providing Blog & Technical writing with catchy words.

BP Tech Solutions

Mechanical Design:- 2D & 3D

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