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There are many questions and a few answers in the Facebook Advertisement Industry.
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 Do you want to know where are your potential customers hiding? The answer is in Mr Zuckerberg’s creation. Yes! You heard it right, Facebook. Let’s see how and why Facebook plays a vital role in branding and marketing your business on the social media platform.

How many people do log in every day globally on Facebook?

Is Facebook one of the topmost influential social networks?

The answer to your first question will blow your mind and we can’t imagine it as reality. There are 2.701 billion monthly active users (MAUs) globally.

For better understanding, it means 66.096% of the total monthly users log in on a mobile device or desktop each day. Probably 66.096% of the population comes to Facebook

If we see a marketer in the picture, we can conclude there is no place other than Facebook to search for our potential audience. We can use various factors and methods to reach our audience that will help to grow our business.

General benefits of Facebook for Branding:-

– Facebook page enables the creation of dialogue or interaction between users/customers and brands. Helps to maintain relations with customers, whether new or current ones

– To develop business, we need to know where we are lacking, i.e. Feedback from our customers. Facebook allows posting customers feedback directly to the products that help to understand customers’ expectations

– As the Facebook business page fan base grows, we can direct the audience to our business website that appears in the universal search results

– It gets notified when the user becomes a fan of your page thus, posting as a news item that can be viewed by his friends further and thus helping in creating a brand name and value

Generally, people know the usage of Facebook but do not have the strategies to target the audience. The page doesn’t grow and comes to a standstill. There should be different methods to target different audiences. Let me discuss a few marketing strategies with you to achieve your goal.

Marketing strategies followed by marketers are as below,

1. Engagement – (a) helps you to know what works for you (b) which post has best reach (c) Make sure you post when fans are active

2. Insights – (a) rank your posts to the top by shares (b) helps you to note time with the top reach (c) identify the content of your top post 

3. Ads – (a) identify ad goal, traffic, lead, and sale (b) post ads that are accepted locally (c) Be persistent, ads to the fan, to lead, to sale

4. Monetization – (a) do after large focused fan base (b) capture email for a freebie (c) use ads wisely (d) review insights monthly (e) Initiate email marketing

5. Contests – (a) Run contests, fans will call fans, increasing reach (b) Award a prize to fans who share (c) host a joint contest between colleagues to create the impression

6. Fans – (a) attract targeted fans only (b) Try to communicate in the language of your fans (c) Promote posts for reach (d) Collect your fan data and plan products accordingly

7. Share – (a) Reward who tags (b) connect with emotions with fans for maximum shares (c) deliver what your fans searching for, will direct to lead

Advertisement as a strategy is used by different brands to run a successful campaign on social media. These are the fundamentals to do while branding or marketing a product or business.

Psychology remains the same throughout social media platforms! You have the roadmap now to run a successful business. ENJOY!

Bhanupriya Yadav

Facebook Ads Marketing Agency

Facebook Ads Marketing Agency

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