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Let’s Explore Instagram

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Social media is ruling in advertising and plays a vital role in the branding and promotions of businesses.


Why all of a sudden has branding started taking place on Instagram?

How to have a majestic look and feel on Instagram?

How to engage the audience?

What should I post? When should I post?


By clubbing it all with perfection, we can lead to excellent Instagram branding. And this is how?


There are rules in every game to win, and one should follow that. Without knowing the rules, it shall be difficult to conquer the field.


If you are already on Instagram and have tried campaigns but still did not get any satisfying results, don’t worry! 


Do not stress yourself as we are going to show you how to gain Instagram fame organically!


Golden rules to promote your brand beyond seas follow the following:

1. Build an unbreakable bond with fans – 

Your fans should have confidence and trust in you for creating a long-lasting brand name. It is done only by following what was assured. Stick to your commitments and see trust growing resulting in brand name value.


2. Maintaining consistency throughout the brand identity – 

Don’t just keep posting. Create your brand tone and set the theme and flow. Plan, start posting, and you will see a consistent Instagram feed to which fans can also connect. However, every brand works in two formats: Quantity of post or quality of post! Choose what helps your brand or ask us over email.


3. Post regularly with mesmerizing content – After the theme, the most crucial parameters are content consistency and relevance. Content should be relevant and measurable with supporting background. Post every day we, usually recommend 3 to 5 posts and 10 to 15 stories.


4. Create Traffic – By posting relevant content, you will see traffic generation. Traffic turns to fans than to leads, to sales.


5. Promote shares – Speak to your Instagram family and ask fans to promote you. The brand will only grow when followers start promoting it, and it is done in multiple ways.


6. Responding to feedback and comments –Your customers or followers expect you to react to their feedback. Responding to feedback and comments is as important as growing your company. Feedbacks lead to the development of the brand and name value.


7. Do Giveaways – Gifting followers will tremendously increase your followers. Rewarding will lead to multiplied engagement and, your followers may also invite their and their friends to your channel. A small reward will turn out into a remarkable turnover.


Follow the rules and make your brand name a mark that everyone follows. Try and understand the platform and start work for you

marketing company instagram